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Step up to the gate, unlock it The top floor is the bedroom with adjoining deck, which you can access through the sliding door. How I love this door! The back fence is decorated with polka-dotted wooden beads, that appear in various other parts of the house and furniture.

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The second floor is the living room and bathroom separated by a curtain that slides on a dowel through loops of woven satin trim. The ground floor is the kitchen-and-dining room that opens out to a tiled patio.

The girls colored them with black Sharpies. I drew out squares on a big sheet of brown kraft paper and they spent a morning blacking out those squares. Kate even tried to write her letters on the brown squares. Then we stuck it on, like fake linoleum, to make a giant hinge for the gate to fold up and flop down. The upper floors are accessible two ways: They were easier to make than they look.

I used several narrow, sturdy cardboard tubes glued together to form the central supporting post. The steps were made from a single circle, cut into 16 segments, 8 i. The vertical pieces of the steps were rectangles, and each step was glued on in sequence, beginning from the bottom, to form the spiral.

After the entire staircase was completed, it was glued to the side of the house.

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The second way to access the floors is by elevator, which was just a cardboard box with a door and dowel posts supporting a peaked roof. The elevator shaft is not the prettiest thing, honestly. It works, but it is not ideal. The cable some random black cord I found runs from the roof of the car, over two old bobbins mounted on dowels to the back wall of the bedroom, where it winds on a windlass-type thing cardboard spool that used to house ribbon. From a fully-wound state, it unwinds beautifully to lower the elevator gently to the ground.

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But it is wretched in the other direction. So the girls pull the cable by hand to raise the elevator, like a typical pulley system, which works better. At the bottom of the elevator shaft is the tall and skinny side door that allows entry to the elevator lobby. Now for all the teeny little details. This one is a paper tube with holes punched out and sequined trim glued around the bottom edge.

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These are pink plastic easter egg halves with pom-pom trim. These chandelier and sconces are vellum paper decorated with various trims. In this post , I showed you how the wiring was recessed into the cardboard surface of the walls and floors, and then wallpaper plastered over everything. The fixtures were simply glued in place over the protruding LEDs. The trailing wires were fitted into cardboard channels, and the battery packs were slid into little compartments under the top step of the staircase on each floor.

Here are all those lights at work. I love the way those holes make light daisies on the ceiling! The girls enjoyed making all the little accent items for the house.

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They dug out their mini art pieces from the old easel project and made framed art for the walls. We also borrowed one of their little woven potholders for a bedroom rug. Emily cut these silhouette portraits from a single sheet of scrapbooking paper we found in Michaels.

She turned some of them into standing portraits with a little cardboard leg at the back. Kate made a book, which we helped her staple together.

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If you look closely, you can see the be-jeaned leg of a downed Ken doll in the bathroom. Each morning, the first questions the girls would ask me were, "Did you work on the Barbie house some more last night? Keeping it real, though - working on a big project like this, for as long as we did, on a deadline, with ill-timed interruptions for meal-preparation or bedtime, means there were occasions when my blood pressure soared.

After painstakingly trying to color within the lines on the patio squares, We particularly Jenna were initially aghast that Kate scribbled ABCs on the patio floor. After a moment of stunned silence, during which someone -possibly Jenna - whispered, "Can we erase it?

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You just wanted to write your name on it, right? Then the moment passed, Kate relaxed, and everyone resumed coloring as if nothing happened. And it was as if grace threw open the windows and let in fresh air. But back to the house - oddly enough, in spite of making it as big as the piece of cardboard it was a treadmill box in its previous life allowed, it still seems too small for all the home decor the girls want to put in.

Maybe sometime in the near future I will make some living room furniture - like a curvy sofa and armchair. Or we might just go out to Target and buy plastic versions. I also badly want to sew two really fun bags. I have one more cardboard project to share, before all that happens. See you back here soon!